3D Basecamp Tickets, $700 Off!

Well, it’s 2024 and that’s an even year, so you know what that means, right? That’s right! It’s a 3D Basecamp year!!

We are in full swing planning the best Basecamp ever right now! You can find out all the most recent information on the main page. What you NEED to consider right now, though, is purchasing a ticket and saving $700!!

Buy your ticket before March 1st, 2024 and save a HUGE amount!

Sorry… I did not mean to get all ShamWOW guy here, or anything, but I really want everyone who is wants to experience 3D Basecamp to get a chance to come, and tickets will be more pricey than they have been in the past. The best way to get the best price possible is to purchase this month!!

Swing by and get your ticket today and we can hang out together at 3D Basecamp 2024!!


Or, since we’ll be in Vegas this year, at least come see the Sphere. Man that place is crazy. JK - actually you should come for all the awesome SketchUp knowledge that’s shared and community networking and support.


Where is the course/event schedule so we know what to sign up for? The last (and first) one I attended in Vancouver let you see what courses would be available and you could preregister for them.

Thanks for any info.


I’m sure they will eventually, but they haven’t even called for proposals for speakers yet. I would guess having it all worked out will be months, so buying a ticket now is a matter of faith.


I just went online to register.

Seems filling out your Business info and AIA number are required fields … not very applicable for retired people so why required?

On the payment screens there is no option for any type of early discount just $900 the complete event or $ for single days. Seems this should be listed upfront before submitting payment info and not after submitting if that is the way it is intended to work.

Would SU personnel please clarify.

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Oh it shows what ever package includes right here on the order form.

I also meant to say that I don’t have an AIA # and it let me get this far.

$900.00 is the discounted price. That’s $700.00 USD less than it will be when it goes up March 1.
Also note that AIA Number is optional - which you can tell as there is no red ‘required star’ next to entry box.

FYI here is the price breakdown by registration date:

Not every architect belongs to the AIA, but many states have their own CEU requirement non the less. My state only recently started this, and to complicate things, their requirements have a different calendar than the AIA’s! It’s a drag to keep track you score on two different cycles.

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My apologies about the pricing issue. I viewed conference webpage info on my iPhone Mini. I had to scroll down to find the Register Now box and immediately clicked on it, I didn’t realize there was more of the webpage with the rate schedule.

It would have helped if the screen Velina posted above, would have specified they were the advanced rates vs Regular rates. Anyway, I did complete the registration.


Yay. Can’t wait to see you in Nov…who’s next? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I need to be at Basecamp this year, missed the one in Vancouver due to personal/family reasons and also health reasons at the time. However, I’m waiting to see what the prices are for sponsors/vendors, I don’t think any of that information is currently out yet. I am interested in doing a booth this year if the numbers are not too far out of my reach.

The pricing for regular attendance does scare me a little though to be perfectly honest. I get that inflation has driven up the costs of everything lately (gas, food, rentals, lodging, software etc…) however if the cost to attend Basecamp gets too high it will probably start to exclude the non-corporate crowd, the DIYers and the retirees. Big corporate will always be able to pay regardless of the sticker shock but the average joe (like myself and 70% of the rest of SketchUp users) will probably be a bit stretched to make it happen.

I guess it all depends on priorities and to some extent on our spouses :slight_smile: . I can justify purchasing a new deep freeze or fridge for my wife at $900.00 but can I justify a 3 day conference, especially if it is just a hobby or I use the product non-professionally? For myself, personally, SketchUp is far more than a hobby at this point, so I can justify it as a very valid business expense but this may not be the case for many other SketchUp users.

With that being said it makes sense that Basecamp is primarily targeted toward the professional user base, and I suppose at some level it needs to be exclusive enough so that the number of attendees does not become so high that it becomes unmanageable. Also the cost of hosting such an event in Las Vegas is probably astronomical, as Vegas has continued to dominate when it comes to large venue and popular events, even the Super Bowl is in Vegas this year. But with the prices as high as they are I don’t really feel like Basecamp is as welcoming to new users, non-professional users or non-corporate users as it has been in the recent past.


Already purchased my tickets and bringing a buddy this time! Last year was a blast, so can’t wait for this year!


what did you like most? is it fun?

I liked the array of classes/sessions that were there for sure, the food was great, and the social party events were a blast, but honestly the camaraderie and support of all who attended was by far the best. Such a good vibe and people’s willingness to help and learn and share knowledge was amazing. The Trimble Dimensions portion will be new for me so I am curious on how that will play into everything.


OK… I am obviously biased, but I have been attending Basecamp since before I started working at Trimble and I can say that it really is the best place to get real, practical learning on all things SketchUp FROM working professionals who use it every day in their careers.

On top of that, it is an amazing place to spend time with other people who also love this thing called SketchUp. When I was learning SketchUp, I was watching a video here or there or reading a help article and teaching myself. I was the only one in my office who used it. The first time I came to Basecamp I met hundreds of people just like me and it was awesome! The energy and enthusiasm you can catch from other attendees makes this a software user conference that is unlike any other I have ever attended (and I have been to quite a few!).


Got our whole team registered. My last attendance was at the Palm Springs event. At the time it was a team of one. We are now three team members going strong. I missed Vancouver when we had a pesky little Florida guest called Hurricane Ian who wrecked half the state. I look forward to seeing everyone.


This is it! This is your last chance to grab tickets at the severely discounted price! I know I’m sounding like the ShamWow guy again, but I want to see as many people at 3-D base camp as I possibly can! Also, I’m using a lot of exclamation points!!

The discount is only available for a couple more days! Come and get them now!


16 hours?

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