Basecamp 2020 - Question for Speakers & Assistants

I’m reviewing the ticket prices for the upcoming Basecamp and considering my options. Last Basecamp was my first time attending and I enjoyed it very much. I took the 2-day intensive training ticket, what I believe was the intermediate track. I learned a ton, the teachers were well informed and presented good material, it was great, except… it could have been so much better.
I felt like the speakers spent an exorbitant amount of time waiting for and assisting 2-3 people who were clearly in the wrong class and struggling. I remember looking to my seatmates to my left and right and all were showing levels of frustration at the lack of progress that was happening.
While it was really informative, I think that if the same level of distractions is present at this next event, I may not attend. There seemed to be 2-3 helpers, but perhaps more would be better? Or if they were more active? I’m wondering if anyone from the Sketchup Team can comment on whether or not that should be expected again.

Also, how necessary will having the new subscription plan be to the course? I have the classic and don’t intend on upgrading.