2018 SketchUp Bootcamp


I’d like to attend the 2-day Boot camp since I’m a beginner. The websites says it’s sold out. Is there a waiting list?


I moved your post to the “Happenings” category (where all other Boot/Basecamp posts reside). and with this, I’m tagging @Caroline who has helped me with registration related stuff recently. Hopefully, she can help you.


Hi @sdfluker! Unfortunately, we are sold out of Bootcamp tickets and the waitlist is full (or overflowing, to be honest). Good news is we are doing quite a few beginner workshops during Basecamp. If you are interested in coming, I would recommend buying a Basecamp ticket, ASAP, and planning on taking the Intro to SketchUp workshop starting on Wednesday afternoon.


Thanks Aaron,

I’ll consider registering for the Basecamp and Wednesday workshop. Will there be any other events for a beginner in the remaining days.



There’s ALWAYS something to see at Basecamp! The beginner class goes from Wednesday morning through mid-day Thursday. There is an Intro to LayOut class Thursday afternoon. Then you can look at the classes Friday morning and see if any of them speak to your specific areas of interest.