Class schedule day and time

Is there a class schedule available with the day and time of each class?

Hi Douglas,

I see that you’re registered for both 3D Bootcamp & 3D Basecamp. Here are some links to places to find that information:

3D Bootcamp Sessions & Workshops
3D Bootcamp Schedule Overview

3D Basecamp Program
3D Basecamp Sessions & Workshops
3D Basecamp Schedule Overview

…see you next month!

In order to consider the choice of session, I’ve made a schedule table of sessions.
(Schedule of the workshop is not included.)


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Thanks, the type of schedule I was hoping for was sent in an email, it appears this schedule is tentative and will be adjusted based on interest. Really looking forward to so many great sessions to choose from;

> Explore 3D Basecamp Sessions: Monday Please peruse this list of sessions and let us know which ones you’re most interested in attending during each block of 3D Basecamp. This will probably take you 5-10 minutes. Thanks for helping us put each session in a room that will accommodate its audience!

> *Note: These choices are preliminary; you can absolutely change your mind at the event!

@doc, the best way to stay up-to-date on schedule is using The Official 2016 3D Basecamp Application.


I just installed the app. It’s handy, indeed.

Why thank you, Mr. Chief Broom Pusher, sir!

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Thanks just installed the app as well.

That totally looks like a cool app @TheOnlyAaron but it tells me I can’t register an account because registrations are closed. Can you help me?

There was an issue with logging in initially (we were still linking the registration accounts to the app). Thus should not be an issue, anymore. You should be able to log in with the same email address you used to register for Basecamp.