Outdated signature issue



Dear All,
I have an issue about Extension Manager.
There are a lot of outdated signaure rubys even they are defualt rubys on SketchUp.

Korean says “Outdated Signature”. You can check the images for the function.
They are ‘Trimble Connect’, ‘Sandbox Tool’, and ‘Advanced Camera Tool’ etc.

I tried cache deletion, login/logout, deletion the tool and reinstallation…
What do i need to do more?
Please let me know how to get the signature in this case?


Not sure why nobody answered your question but I noticed the version in your image is 2.0.0. The latest version I think is 2.0.2 and is available on the EW.
I noticed in the image your “update” button is red indicating an update might be available. Did you try updating the extensions?


Update them through the Extension Warehouse, not the Extension Manager.
Type the names of the extension in the search field, select it and (re)install or update
You need to be logged in


By that do you mean “manually” ? The question I would have is if you can do that if the manager doesn’t let you uninstall the distro ext first.

Oh I get it now…update through the warehouse! thanks! Sorry it was early here when I read that.


Thanks, mics_54

I already did that you mentioned manually… and there’s no difference at all.
So I asked about it in this forum.

I also know there are no hard to use the function despites of the outdated signature.
I just want to know why this issue occurred and how to fix it.


Thanks Mike,

I did that already, and no difference.


When did you install Sketchup? recently?


Yes, last Friday, I installed SketchUp 2018 Pro again.


They may not have updated the Korean signature files.
But the signatures are rather arbitrary and don’t actually stop anything working.
Signatures were introduced fairly recently and the whole system still seems to be struggling to keep up. Even Trimble employee’s extensions are unsigned or outdated let alone private developers.
As long as you don’t have your security setting set too restrictive you’ll have no problems.
Perhaps in the future they will get the system working properly and only then will you need to be concerned about the signature.


Thank you Box,

It is actually not my issue.
My SU 2018 is also Korean, and I got all updated signatures.
So I just wonder why this happens to some people.

Anyway I understood what you told. Thank you so much.
Have a nice week!


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