Plugin invalid signature

I have a problem with my plugins in the extension manager.
I have sketchup pro installed on a machine, windows 10 and my plugins are all signed.
But in my new machine, with the same operating system, the plugins are invalid signature and so I can not validate my paid plugins, such as clothworks.
Has anyone else been through this problem or can you help me?

Has anything changed with the plugin files so that they don’t match anymore the expected signature?

How did you install the plugins, redownloaded directly from Extension Warehouse, or transplanted (copied) from the previous plugins folder? Try deleting (or backing up and removing) some and reinstall them from Extension Warehouse.

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Soon after installing the program, the default plugins (advanced camera, sandbox, trimble conect …) are invalid signature.
Plugins are installed directly by the extension manager.

so if it says “Invalid Signature” can I just ignore it? Mine says Invalid Signature for SU Podium V26, and while that extension works, SketchUp crashes every time I try to Quit, so I have to force quit every time

Yes. You can ignore that since it’s from a trusted source.

Hi again Dave!!
I’ve been trying various options - I’ve restarted and started fresh files from various templates, made a few small models, saved, then quit. It hangs again.
So in the extension manager I’ve turned off a few that I rarely use, and checked the others - some are signed, some are unsigned, but two are invalid signatures, so I thought maybe that was the problem.
I’ve turned off CleanUp3, Material Resizer, and TT_Lib2. All others (Advanced Camera Tools, Dynamic Components, Podium Extras, Sandbox tools, Solar North Toolbar, SUPodium v26 and Trimble Connect) are still turned on.
But it still crashes!!

The signature status shouldn’t have anything to do with SketchUp crashing. It’s a system designed to make sure you don’t get rogue scripts running. You can set restrict loading permissions in Extension Manager to limit what scripts load on startup.

As long as the scripts come from trusted sources like the Extension Warehouse and Sketchucation, you shouldn’t have any problems.

I guess as far as Podium is concerned, check to make sure you have a version that works with the SU version. I haven’t used Podium for many years so I’m not familiar with which version is current, etc.

As for Thom Thom’s extensions, there’s nothing to worry about no matter their signature. Just make sure you have the latest versions of them.

And to the point about SketchUp crashing, are you getting Bug Splats or is SketchUp just quitting? Have you tried disabling Podium to see if that might help?

Podium has ongoing issues on mac’s [and mac users pointing them out]…

they ‘supposedly’ had a recent update to address any affecting new sales…


Hi Dave
Bugsplats are pretty rare. Maybe One a month. Whereas hanging on crashing happens almost every time I quit.
Podium and SketchUP are both the most current version, and they’re supposed to be compatible (…?!)
But with all but the essentials turned off, I just did a really simple test, as follows -
I started sketchup and opened a template I don’t usually use - “Simple” inches.
I hit command Q, and it quit, no problem.

I started sketchup again, opened Simple: inches, and drew a square on the ground. Did a SaveAs.
I hit command Q, and it quit, no problem.

I started sketchup again, opened Simple: inches, and drew a square on the ground. I did a Push, to turn it into a solid block, then I did a SaveAs.
I hit command Q, and it hung.