Outage - Saved models have disappeared, now log in to a fresh install it seems

Hello all. Hope you’re well.

I’ve tried logging in to my account today after not using it for a week or so and all of my models have disappeared. Instead I get the ‘Welcome’ page for new users.

The Status page https://status.sketchup.com shows that there was a ‘Major outage’ today (1st September 2021) so I would guess it is something to do with that, but unusually no-one else has posted about it.

So thought I would ask if this could be something else (assuming everyone else is okay)?

Any useful suggestions that are current for Mac OS11.5.2 and Sketchup Web on how to retrieve my models would be really helpful.

Thank you. JJ497.

The home page for the web version is showing you recent documents. I can imagine that if there is a big server issue that the recent documents list could get cleared out. Try clicking on the Trimble Connect link on the left, that is where your files really are.

@colin You genius! Yes, I clicked on the Trimble Connect tab (which I thought was just a static logo) and low and behold there are my folders and models. So relieved! Thank you thank you thank you! partying_face

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