Out of Date File at start up

Hello. I’m pretty new and learning about SU and Layout. I’m working on a building plan and have found importing scenes from my SU file to be a bit of a PITA. The newly saved and “sent to layout” scene does not seem to be getting sent to layout. In order to import the scene I am having to save and close layout, then restart the program. Upon restart this message pops up. I select and update the red file, which is the one the new scenes I’m having trouble with are a part of. Any idea why this file wouldn’t be communicating or updating with SU?

It would be helpful to see your LayOut file to see what you have going on. The Out of Date indication is telling you that the Reference SKP which you have been working on is newer than the version LayOut has as its internal reference. Since the two files don’t match, you are being alerted to that. You would select the SKP file in red and update the reference.

If you already have the SketchUp file linked to a LayOut project you don’t send to LayOut after creating a new scene. In fact, you only use Send to LayOut the first time to start a LayOut project. After that, you copy viewports in the LO project and change their scene. When you add scenes in the SketchUp file, you save the changes and update the reference in LayOut. Then select the new scene for your viewport. Updating the reference can be done in Document Setup as above or you can right click on a view port and choose Update Reference.

FWIW, if you don’t have the SKP file open already, you can right click on a viewport and choose Open with SketchUp. After you make changes to the SKP file and save them, the viewports will automatically show the updates and you don’t have to manually update the reference.

The fact is, LayOut and SketchUp are communicating with each other. That’s evidenced by the alert that the internal SketchUp file is recognized as out of date.

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Got ya. This makes sense. Thanks for your help again.

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You’re quite welcome.

FWIW, the LayOut file is a package of stuff that includes copies of the references. So any file type you can add using File>Insert (SKP, XLSX, RTF, DXF/DWG, and various image files.) Unless you choose to unlink those files from their original reference files, LayOut will always be looking for and at the originals to see if they’ve been changed. You’ll want to keep the originals in the same location as they were when they were added to the LayOut project. If you move them, you’ll need to relink to them or unlink so you are only using the embedded version.