Our login window was blocked by your browser. Please allow SketchUp to show pop-up windows


I dont have any pop up blockers installed, spent a deal amount of time working on a project and couldn’t save.Very frustrating especially someone just learning


What browser are you using? Some (e.g. IE 11) have built-in popup blocking that you configure in the browser’s settings - no extension needs to be installed!


This is a tricky one for us to fix- more detailed info about your configuration (OS, Browser and any ad-blocking extensions you may have installed) will help us to track down the cases where folks are still getting blocked by their browser’s security settings.


Also: remember that you can always download your model to your computer as a .skp file if you are blocked from logging into Trimble Connect to save it fully. Not recommended as a standard practice, but still a reasonable workaround if you get stuck.


Does the log in thing have to run in a popup window? What about using an iframe inside the main window and style its container to look somewhat like a dialog window?


I am having the same problem. Using Safari 11.0.3 on OS X 10.13.3.

I know how to turn off the built-in pop-up blocking, but it’s a global setting. As a rule, I do not want sites to be able to generate pop ups. Avoiding using pop-ups has been considered a standard best practice in the industry since about 2001.

Please don’t make me turn on pop ups for every website just to make yours work correctly.


Have to echo the comments of eneroth3 and timesinks.
I’m using Google Chrome on a Windows 7x64 machine with Kaspersky Protection.
(I’ve checked for opportunities to allow pop-ups with SketchUp only. I’m no expert, but so far no luck.)
I don’t think I should have to globally allow pop-ups to use SketchUp.
Certainly makes me cast a jaundiced eye to the idea of paying for an enhanced product!



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