Our login window was blocked by your browser. Please allow SketchUp to show pop-up windows - 1 user only


We use free educational web app withour our school. Everyone can login (staff/pupil) except 1 teacher.

When they try to login it shows “Our login window was blocked by your browser. Please allow SketchUp to show pop-up windows” when entering the email address & password.

On the same computer, same broswer, under the staff login details, I can enter my email address / password and it links to my OneDrive.

I’m not sure where the issue is…

Sounds like a user setting in the browser to block popups.

Hi, Thanks for the swift reponse.

The user has the same issue when trying to use SketchUp at home

They are able to signin to all the other MS products and other services that use Single Sign On

Does the user have one of those email addresses that hides itself? They tend to cause problems with trimble id.


Thanks for the response. The email address looks the same as the other staff on the Azure and EAC.

When switching users on SketchUP - the onedrive for the users shows a picture of Panda and “Something went wrong trying to load this folder”.

Have you tried clearing the cookies?
Try clearing them and then hold Control when hitting the refresh page-icon.

Thanks for your response. Did try all the resetting, clearing cache, etc but the same experince on all computers - at home in school on a desktop or laptop. I also tried Chrome & Edge but the same issue…SSO to login but Sketchup doesn’t link the their OneDrive

SSO is not there (yet) for normal accounts, You need to have educational suite.
start here:

SketchUp for Schools - Product | SketchUp


Thanks and I have just tried.

Still the same issue that when clicking on OneDrive link. The security pop up shows the email address and the ability to login but the after logging in the same error message. I can sign in with my own account no issues…

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