One student with login errors

We have one student that cannot login to SketchUP for Schools. All of our other students can login fine but this particular student gets a message that says "SketchUp is having internal problems. Our team has been notified Error.

The student has tried several different computers and even tried at home with no luck. At one point he did get an error about allowing pop ups and we created an exception and then turned off the popup blocker all together. Any ideas on what the problem might be?

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Hi i’m a student and i have the same problem.
Could you help us?

Salve sono una studentessa e ho lo stesso problema, come posso fare?

We figured out “fix” for this problem. We are using Sketchup web based and the problem only happened if the student was logged into the Chrome browser as well as Google Classroom. If the student wasn’t logged into the browser itself and logged into Classroom then Sketchup worked properly. I am not sure why this would be a problem. So the short answer is to log the student out of the browser and only log in through the web itself. Hope this helps the rest of you!