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These are two examples of our latest work. Architectonic design, modeling with SU and Render with Lumion. What did you think? Suggestions? Criticism? It is a gymnastics academy and a small ballroom. Both close to the lakes.



Nice images.

You need to be using SketchUp Pro,. Your profile says you are using Make.

I really need to become more professional about it.

As @DaveR pointed out, if you are using the model in a commercial enterprise you are violating the SketchUp terms of use unless you license Pro.

Edit: in reply to your actual question, overall very nice! Some thoughts:

  • The completely flat blue walls look unrealistic to my eye. Maybe use a material with a small amount of texture to it? (of course if the real world material is really that smooth, ignore me).
  • In your third image, the rectangular gap at the bottom of the blue end wall looks strange to me. It combines with the way the blue wall meets the textured brown rear wall to do something odd to perspective.

I like the modern minimalist design. I think it could use a cool sign that says the name & address of the business and maybe a snack bar (or vending machine) for after people are done exercising. Does it have bathrooms? Maybe a wood slat fence instead of the breeze blocks? What about glass railing behind the wooden benches to prevent people from accidentally falling in the water? Nice work!

Greetings Quote! Thanks for replying, your considerations are very valid. Justifying your notes a little:
We do not use any visual programming to identify the academy, because it is a very particular work. Inside a gated community. This is not a business.
Yes, both the gym and the ballroom have bathrooms.
Concrete breeze blocks are strong elements that already make up other works in this condominium. ThatÔÇÖs why they show up there too.
And the glass behind the wooden bench, youÔÇÖre right. It would be an extra security. Since it is a party hall, some people may be drunk. uhauahuauahhu.
Big hug and thanks for collaborating.

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Great job!!! If you add people, animals and cars, the picture will come more alive.

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