Anybody good at interior and exterior designing on fictional buildings?

I’m looking for somebody who could please make models that are more detailed and not geolocated to give me an idea of how buildings should look for their final designs. If there’s anything I’d want you to please have done, feel free to let me know and I can send you a link to the certain model that should have interior and exterior detailing done.

Are you wanting to hire someone to make designs for you or looking for free labour?

Free labour.

It’s Happy Hour in Las Vegas again!


So you’re interested?

No way José!

I think he was being a bit funny.
To be honest not many people want to give away their work for free.
But there are many out there in the world that like something as a hobby and will spend a lot of time with it simply because they enjoy it. Train enthusiast for example will spend more on a train set that will earn them nothing than I would spend on an office that would earn serious money.
In the same way there are people here just for the money, and there are people here just for the fun!
You need to entice the people who want the Fun and Challenge.
A few of us may have ventured to your facebook page, many others haven’t.

Perhaps if you attached images or plans etc some people may be interested in taking things further as a hobby.

Free beer tomorrow!

I’m in Australia, as far as you are concerned it is always tomorrow, send the free beer.


Not really, but good luck finding someone who’s wanting to spend time on this.

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