Our k-12 school district does not use an .edu domain

Hello. We would like to use Sketchup for Schools but our school district does not use an .edu domain for our emails. How can I indicate that we are indeed a k-12 district so I can use SKP in our class? We are located in the U.S. Thank you

Hi @MrTAAPS. I am happy to assist you in getting SketchUp for Schools deployed for you and your students. SketchUp for Schools is only available for certain environments as it relies on prebuilt Google or Microsoft infrastructure for student data privacy. The deployment process is a little different depending on what environment you are using and even then, you may end up running into our firewall if it flags your domain so I’ll need a few things from you to help you get set up properly.

First up, can you tell me your domain? Once I have that I can add it to our database so the firewall will allow you to access the app without issues on our end.

Next, I’ll need to know if you are using a Google environment or a Microsoft environment as the deployment process is a little different for each one. Once I know that I can get you the proper instructions to help you or your admin get the app deployed correctly.

Additionally, while optional, having a school website or district website associated with your domain will let us better fill in details on who is using our app so it would be appreciated but not required if you could share that too.

Can you let me know the aforementioned information so I can get you up and running?

Hello Casey,

Thanks for getting back to me regarding Sketchup for Schools. Here are answers to your questions:

  1. our domain is: aaps.k12.mi.us (the “aaps” is for Ann Arbor Public Schools).
  2. The school uses Active Directory for log ins, but then there is the full set of Google docs available for us to use. (We do not have MS office or other MS apps unless we request). I assume this is what you refer to as G-Suite.
  3. Finally, the URL for the school district is https://www.a2schools.org/ (I see that the domain for the school’s URL is different from the address used in emails – I can only surmise that they were set up at different times.)

Hopefully I’ve answered your questions adequately. Don’t hesitate to reply if you need additional data.

Thank you


Thanks for the reply @MrTAAPS. Now that I have your domain I can get you added to our database to help rule out any firewall issues on our end. By the time this post is live, you will be all set to deploy the app if you have not already done so. I’ll go ahead and link a video in this post that will outline the deployment process for a Google environment so just follow the steps to get the app set up and you should be all set to go!

Also, I should mention that sometimes pop up blockers can keep the login window from resolving correctly so make sure you don’t have it turned on when you go to log in.

Anyway, here is the promised video:

Hi again @MrTAAPS. I just wanted to circle back around and make sure you are up and running. If you are, I’ll go ahead and mark this thread as resolved but if you need additional help, I am happy to continue to work with you to get your technical issues resolved.

When you get a chance, please let me know fi you need more help getting up and running or if we solved the problem.

Thanks for working on this for me. I tried to download SKP for schools but the app still indicates I need to be the administrator – so I’ll send the info to our administrator. (I am one of the teachers)
It might take some time for the admin folks to respond, so I recommend that you close this thread so it isn’t left hanging. (I know from experience that management doesn’t like open tickets to hang …)
Appreciate your help, and if I need anything else, I’ll open a new ticket.