Orbit not working on scroll wheel button Logitech MX Master 3S and Mac OS

Good morning. I’ve searched the forums and the internet for a solution but can’t figure this out. I have a Logitech MX Master 3S I’m using on Mac OS 14.1.1 (23B81). I also installed logi Options + and configured the scroll wheel button to “middle click”. However, clicking the scroll wheel button will not engage Orbit and instead opens Spotlight. However, if I hold down control while clicking it will engage Orbit. If I hold down shift it will engage Pan. Is there a way to make the button engage Orbit without using control on the keyboard?


you probably have enabled middle click = spotlight in mac os’s preferences.

the OS shortcut always take priority.

In the preference panel (the one from OS X) look for keyboard, then shortcuts, then spotlight.
there should be a shortcut there that you can turn off.

here is mine, turned off :

Could also be that it’s not compatible with Sonoma…

Thank you. Tried this but it didn’t fix the problem.

yeah, but no, calling spotlight is different, SU don’t call spotlight, mac os does. so it sees it as a more important shortcut.

if you do a wheel click when in another software, does it also bring spotlight ?

Capture d’écran 2023-11-18 à 16.51.28

on my MX, I also set the button next to the wheel as wheel click. I like clicking on a proper button without the risk of accidentally zooming. And I hate the smooth wheel, so no need to switch.

If you set it the same, does it bring Spotlight too ?
It should. Meaning that mac OS or logi sees it as a priority spotlight shortcut.

Spotlight opens universally when I click the scroll wheel. In any application. I think you are right that Mac OS is overriding. I can’t find a way to turn it off though. I found this:


I don’t have an Apple Mouse though to bring up this window to change the settings.

Yes, I understand. But if the driver / helper app from Logitech isn’t updated yet it might not register that the OP is changing things.

fair point, for the moment, logi option + is still listed as OS 11-12-13 so it could be that it doesn’t override the standard behaviour anymore.

basically, a non apple mouse will not have the full button panel. it will use the “default” setup (or if a setup has already been created using an apple mouse, it’ll use this one)

UNLESS it comes with a driver. then the driver takes precedence

But only if you’ve given permission to the logitech driver

(menu has changed a bit… just a bit. I checked on mine, and logi option + is authorised in both accessibility and input monitor)

Mine are both enabled and authorized. Still not working.