Optimizing CutList Efficiency

How can I set up CutList to put components perpendicular to other components on one sheet of plywood. The cut list is only putting components horizontal but there is plenty of room to put other components vertically on the same sheet.

There isn’t any options for doing that with that particular Cutlist extension. Maybe Open Cutlist allows that.

I too have found that I can almost always find ways to place more pieces in each sheet than the extension does.

I haven’t looked at the code recently, but I suspect the reason is that allowing both length and width layout would cause the computation load to explode and make the extension very slow. Basically, the code would have to consider both orientations of each part in relationship to all prior layouts of previous parts in both orientations. A human can apply some amount of instinct and judgement to decide what to try. Programming that would likely be very difficult.

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