Cut List extension duplicates component in cutting diagram

I’m running into a problem with the Cut List extension where it doubles up on some - not all - of the components when creating the cutting diagram. The cutting list is correct. It’s only the graphic image of the cutting diagram that’s wrong. I’ve set up a new file (which is attached) that contains only the one problem component. For the life of me, I don’t see anything wrong with it, but I’m still getting 2 components showing up on the cutting diagram.

A bit of help would be greatly appreciated!

Chair2.skp (66.1 KB)

Probably due to the components being thicker than the stock you have selected. This is because the cutlist is basing its dimensions and the layout on the size of the bounding box. You need to align the component’s axes with the geometry.

Well that makes sense, doesn’t it!!
Thanks for the help.

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