Opinion poll for a full SketchUp on iPad



Multicore modelling was promised by the developers of, for instance, AutoCad and 3D Studio when the first Pentium processor was released, with support for multiprocessor motherboards. More than 25 years later, we are still waiting.


HAving an iPad 12" and been using Sketchup since 2009.
Yes i very much want.


Much wanted, to take my models to the jobsite


Yes! It’s terrible being torn between Apple’s ecosystem and Sketchup. Google, please consider!


What are you asking Google to consider? They have nothing to do with SketchUp and haven’t for nearly six years.


You can do this with the viewer if you just want to show and view models, however editing is really a no go. I led an iPad development team for a few years before I moved to Sweden and although I do love the Pro with the pen it’s nothing more than an amateur device. There are some good drawing apps yes but its just not powerful enough for any serious work and the OS is terribly limited.

Now a good Tablet does exist, the WACOM Mobile Studio Pro is a real heavy hitter compared to the iPad Pro but it’s mighty pricey: https://www.wacom.com/en-se/products/pen-computers/wacom-mobilestudio-pro-13#Specifications

You are better off getting a hybrid laptop/tablet (with the GPU in the keyboard base).

I would be mighty annoyed if Trimble break off to create some sort of IOS native app that is going to be severely limited by the hardware availability. I want to see Pro features for desktop laptop not native apps! If anything Trimble will put more effort into the web version utilising cloud computing for the grunt-work ‘off device’ and streaming to whatever you are using that has an updated browser.


Can you recommend (or a least give links to) a few examples of this type of configuration?

Thanks in advance!


Yes I was looking at one myself for my new job.

  • Lenovo Thinkpad P40 Yoga

  • 2017 HP Spectre 13 stylus

  • microsoft surface pro


Even though I’m strictly a Mac user, I’ve even contemplated this type of solution. I don’t know Windows hardware at all though.


Iv’e got both, I would much rather stay on a MacBook pro but my new employer’s have a PC only policy for my department :frowning: ( I have a PC workstation at home for VR and rendering but I prefer to do my design on my laptop).


Thanks! I’m a longtime Lenovo user - in laptops I HATE track pads and LOVE the eraser style mouse nestled between the G, H and B keys. So I took a look at the Lenovo you listed.

Unfortunately, Lenovo has stopped making them!
(although you might find some still available through a retailer).

While there (lenovo.com), I tried to find a Yoga style 2 in 1 that has a non integrated graphic card - it looks like there now aren’t any :frowning_face:


Really, you can still buy them here in Sweden, they only came out in 2016?


Also, there are cheaper alternatives but if I could pick anything I would get this since it’s a pure tablet but a pretty heavy hitter for CAD and Photoshop. I had a go of a few last year at a trade show and I fell in Love. Awfully pricey however.

It’s running an i7 with 512GB storage and a dedicated Nvidia Quadro card, the 16" version is a monster. Unfortunately my girlfriend will kill me if I buy it.


Thanks Liam. Now you’ve got me lusting after that 27" Cintiq!


Yeah, long story short… I actually ordered one after too many beers in the pub about five years ago but I didn’t have enough money in the account so when I woke up the next day luckily it had bounced ha.


Microsoft has the Surface Book series of touchscreen computers. Many of them are available with Nvidia graphics. Sounds promising.


LOL. I have a 21" Cintiq which I like very much but I want bigger and HD.


Yes I have used one and they are very good, I just recommended one to somebody in another thread actually. My new job is PC only for laptops so I am looking at the moment to see if it’s available.


I don’t even have that. Just an Intuos Medium and a 15± year old 20" monitor that’s looking old by today’s standards.


My Intuous 3 A5 is 12 years old this year… and still going strong. Had a few replacement pens over the years just to wear (they didn’t break) but other than that all good.