Opening tutorial zip files

The individual courses on the SketchUp Fundamentals tutorials at ‘’ come with downloadable exercise files. However, they are downloaded as .zip files. How can I use them without having to buy a winzip license to open them (my free trial of winzip expired ages ago). Thanks.

There are free zip/unzip utilities. Typically Windows comes with the capability to unzip files. Or you could use something like 7-zip. That works quite well.

I’ve never owned a windows computer that didn’t have zip included, I always wondered why there were pay versions.

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I think that it has been ironic in the past, that zip was the accepted compression format for Windows, but Windows didn’t have the ability to use it. You would have to find a utility to do those steps.

But, with Windows 10 you can select a zip and right-click, extract, to get the files. You can also right-click on some files or folder, and choose Send To, to send it to a compressed archive.

If that’s the case it’s an irony that has passed me by, as I say I have never had an issue using zip on any windows PC, including the current one I’m on that is an ancient win 7 machine.

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Yeah, not sure why windows didn’t suggest some other utility to open it with. Anyway I ended up uninstalling winzip and the winzip website opened up automatically asking me why I was uninstalling. I clicked “I don’t use it enough to pay for it” as to the explanation choices and it gave me another 21 day free trial. Weird. Thanks everyone though, much appreciated.