Opening .sat files

Is it possible to import a .sat file, then somehow save it as a sketchup file so i can use all the tools on the file?


I didn’t know what a .sat file was until I saw this question, so I Googled it!

On that page is a list of programs for both Mac and Windows that can read .sat files - and SketchUp isn’t listed. But many other programs are!

I chose to try with Autodesk Fusion 360, which I have and use because I like how it integrates setting up tool paths for CNC projects. I usually is it to IMPORT SketchUp files, then create my toolpaths, so I was unfamiliar with it’s Export possibilities.

They are, shall we say, limited - I didn’t even find Autodesk’s most common type: dxf!

But I was able to create a .stl file - using the 3D printing tool - NOT Export - then read that import the .stl file to SketchUp. As is expected with .stl files, it imported as a mesh of triangles.

But the point of this is that you might do this, or find one of the OTHER programs listed on the page linked above that can directly export .skp files - or some other file type that SketchUp can import closet to native geometry than the triangulated .stl file.

In any case, I think you’ll need another program that can translate between your .sat files and a format that SketchUp can import.

Note added about 10 minutes later:

I should note that I didn’t look very hard when Googling - I just took the first likely link for the information I was seeking. There may be more programs that read .sat files, and I also didn’t search the Autodesk Fusing 360 Add In Store to see if there was an export add-in for SketchUp files, or for better file types that SketchUp can import.

Dang. Ok, ill have to get one. Someone drew up some files a few years back and they saved them as .sat and .inv files.

Inv i know is an inventor file, which i dont have access to.

Thanks. Ill try to get the software from that list and see if i can open them. I need to edit the file