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@vtxman, regarding STL import and export, this is from the Extension Warehouse.

And as the screen shot shows, the Export STL option will appear in the File menu.



I did find the export but I can’t find the import ?


Did you look in File>Import?

Select the file type from the Format dropdown list.


Yes I did try file, import but the STL type of file is not available for import


@DaveR I think I figured out what the problem was. I’m guessing that I had to close and restart SU because the Import stl file selection is listed this morning after restarting SU! Thanks for your help. I do appreciate it.



You can also mark Daves post as solution :wink: This will inform other forum participants, that problem is solved.


Sorry for the late reply. I got called away from the computer. I’m glad you got it sorted.


Hey, no problem! I don’t recall sending that last message last night. I think I fell asleep right after sending it LOL

Have a great day!



Actually, @vtxman can’t do this. It’s not his thread! @DaveR started the thread in response to @vtxman’s question in a different thread.

Only the person who starts the thread can bestow the coveted checkmark! And, since the “Learned One” badge is based on number of checkmarks that have beeen bestowed on you, it’s considered bad form to checkmark your own post.


And mods and admins.


I didn’t know that! I stand corrected.

That’s the first new thing I’ve learned today, and it’s not yet 7 AM!


You are right (vtxman cannot mark this as solved), I didnt noticed that Dave started the thread!


I don’t covet checkmarks like some do but since it’s against someone’s rules of etiquette for me to tick the box, maybe a moderator or admin can do it for me. Or not. It makes no nevermind to me as long as it’s sorted form Michael which it is.

Checking the "Solved" box on your own posts

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