How to export so that Solidworks can read it?

Is there a plugin or way that I can export a file so that it can be opened in solidworks?

With the Make or the PRO version? (I don’t find the info in your profile.)

I can get the Make version since its free but currently only have the basic. Can I open the file I created in Basic in the Make version and then export it to a Solidworks format?

Which version do you mean with “basic”, there’s no version with this name?

I mean that I downloaded and designed on the version that’s free. Are there only two versions Make and Pro?

Yes. There are two versions of SketchUp. Pro and Make. What is this “basic”" you are referring to.

To export a file that can be opened in Solidworks, you probably need to be looking at SketchUp pro.

Yes. 2D or 3D export?
With a plugin, you can export STL e.g. with the MAKE version. It’s supported by Solidworks.

Oh thats great. I already installed the plugin because I needed to send the file to the 3d printer. Your saying that Solidworks can read .stl?

I don’t have it and don’t use it, but the link in my last post says so.