Openfiledialog. Resize Problem on Windows 10

Resize from smaller to bigger is OK.
Resize from bigger to smaller dialog is not possible.

The File open dialogs are a system resource. It’s Microsoft’s fault.

Not exactly. This is not a default OpenFileDialog. This is a “Old Style” extended OpenFileDialog with skp preview control

Yes exactly. It comes from:

And the type used IS the old v5 type (Win2K…XP.)

We DO have a request in to migrate to the newer v6 open dialog with the breadcrumb bar, previews in the icon list window, sizable preview pane, optional navigation tree and details pane, etc.

Since support for XP and Vista has been dropped, there is no longer any issue holding this back.

Anyway,… the v6 common dialogs should work better on Win7 (v6.1,) Win8 (v6.2,) Win8.1 (v6.3,) and Win10.

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Ofcourse it is a Windows OpenFileDialog, but by default OpenFileDialog have
no methods to place own controls (skp preview) into it. It is placed with tricks and hooks.
I think this is a Windows fault. We have same problem by our own window