OpenCutList, how to include a cutout in a face?

I’m trying to include a cutout in one of the faces of a fridge cabinet on a cut-list. OpenCutlist is an awesome extension, but I’m new to it, and can’t find any videos on it that aren’t in french. Is this extension capable of doing what I’m needing? Or would I need to make an addendum to my cutlist to include the cutout dimensions?

Norcold_de-0041_cabinet_lowered.skp (138.4 KB)

CutList tools do not know how to detail the particular cuts and machining of a part.
You have to indicate these particularities by hand.
In OpenCutList you can use Tags to indicate recurring machining operations.

I’m not an Open CutList user, but every cut list extension I have tried works on the idea that you need a list of the full-size stock from which you will cut each piece. They don’t address things like beveled or mitered ends, holes, cutouts, etc. because those don’t change the size of the original board.