Open SU file too slow when Materials and Outliner windows are shown in tray

Hi, everybody.

This is not an issue from SU2017, but some versions above including current release.

When I’ve tried to open a very heavy SU file (200+Mb) it always opened too slow. This weekend I decided to spend some time testing several options with a 330 MB purged file:

0.- I use SU 2017 Pro (on i7-5820k, 16GB, GTX970), with V-Ray 3.4 and about 20 more plugins (from Fredo6, Thomthom,…). Time to open: more than 25 minutes.
1.- Deleting / deactivating some plugins I observed fast results only in startup SU (no skp file involved) When open file once SU is running 've found no significative results (maybe little better without 1001bit tools, but not much to have a great performance time, not relevant) (I didn’t test without V-Ray even when I know open file performance is much better without it, but I do need V-Ray)
2.- I decided not to show the tray (windows release) and the same result: more than 25 minutes. (my configuration for tray shows Entity info, Layers, Shadows, Materials, Components, Styles, Scenes, Outliner)
3.- I tried to quit some windows from tray and found a combination that drastically works for me: Quit Materials and Outliner from tray (Layers, Shadows, Info, Components and Scenes don’t seem to affect open file performance). Time = 32 seconds. Once file is open I can open these windows in tray again and everything works great

I post this here for any to explain or comment.


Outliner is known to slow things down in SketchUp, so best to only open it when you need it, then close it.

The amount of plugins and the startup speed difference there is relative and expected. So is opening heavy files.

I would agree though that I would not mind seeing this happen a little quicker and heavy models better accommodated…

Hi Julian.

I’m agree with you about plugins in startup and Outliner behaviour. But my surprise comes when I close Materials window and opening file time is dramatically reduced. And there are no different results when show material details, list or thumbnails. Even hide tray doesn’t solve this issue. Only works fine when materials window isn’t shown. Any idea about?

Unfortunately no, but I’ll keep it in mind and try to pay attention to this in future to see how (un)responsive things get my side.

I have all my inspector collection panels in the tray set to details list (name only; no thumbnail image.)
Then I only display thumbnails for a particular panel if it is absolutely necessary, which often it is not.
SketchUp has a habit of regenerating thumbnail images when I do not wish it to, causing a delay.

The Outliner, I have set to autohide into the left margin, so it only slides out into view when I hover on the left margin.

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