Open GL Warnings / Graphic card error

Hi Everyone!

I am encountering a OpenGL problem where it says that Sketchup has detected multiple graphics cards and has chosen to use the default Intel graphics card despite me doing these two:

  1. on the Windows OS i’ve chosen ‘high performance option’ for Sketchup

  2. In NVIDIA’s settings i’ve done the same for sketchup and chose the high performance option.

  3. Out of desperation i’ve downloaded/ installed Mesa 22.1.4 to help with the error on ‘SketchUp Hardware Acceleration is Unsupported’ error message.

  4. I’m not sure what to do anymore. Please send help!

Laptop or desktop computer? Are you using an external monitor through a “dock”?
Have you downloaded and installed the latest driver from Nvidia?

Are you using Linux???

hi there! i am using a laptop, with Windows 11. I have since found the solution by reinstalling sketchup and updating Nvidia’s latest driver for the graphic card.

thank you!

It’s an opensource version of opengl and vulkan that some running very very old non compatible machines might use to try and get SketchUp working.