Open a skb file ? How to open any file with a prior version?



When I try to open a skb file I don’t see the option in the free web version.
How can I open a file sent to me with the extension skb ?

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.skb is a backup file format. The person who sent it to you has probably done so in error so you should ask them to look for the .skp instead.

You can try manually changing the extension name but not sure if that will work.


You can change skb to skp and it’ll work fine.


Usually this is enough to allow the file to work…simply change from “.skb” to “.skp”. Failing that try the “Save As” command to provide a new filename and extension.


Oh good to know. I actually have some really old .skb files than have lost the corresponding .skp so I can just convert them manually.


it works for me.

Thanks a lot !!!


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