Open a dxf file for editing (not as a component)

Hello, I am using the browser/web version of the sketchup and I am hoping to continue to edit a dxf file that I saved somewhere else.

When I tried import, it only gave me an option to “import it as a component”, so apparently after I successfully did that, I can only use it, but not edit it.

When I tried the open operation, it doesn’t allow opening for the dxf file (not selectable), it seems only .skp files can be selected to be opened.

So help! How do I open a dxf file to work on it?

It probably doesn’t have a face and you are trying to select it by clicking on a face, try double clicking on an edge.

You can either open the component for editing or explode it. Both options are in the context menu when you right-click on the imported object in SketchUp.

Thank you both! The context menu didn’t work before before I didn’t try it accurately on an edge. Now I can explode it!

Yeah, the right-click menu is “context sensitive”, which means what it shows depends on what the cursor is over. Since your file imported without faces, only edges, the cursor must be over an edge to get the desired menu choices.