Sidebar access to previously imported components

Reliant upon import of sections of a project into one sketchup file to do my project. Having trouble access content (.dxf files) uploaded previously.

The import function kills me currently,looking for the way to acess files I’ve uploaded. There are five and I initiated inserting all at once. Currently I’ve only been able to access these when given the option right after an upload, choosing the link to previously uploaded content in the green box that appears for a few seconds.

They’re all there when I get that link, but I end up closing that interface for each placement and can’t find my way back to it without starting the insert process again.

If the components are already in your model, open the Components panel and click on the house icon at the top to access them.

Trying to get them into the model from my pc, my issue seems to be with the insert funtion that supposed to put my stuff in that house via the web.

I don’t understand what the problem is. If you’ve inserted an object or imported a .dxf file into your SketchUp model it should be there as a component and you should be able to see it in the In Model components panel. You should actually see the component in the model space after insert/import, though.

If your imported .dxf file is quite large it might take a little time for it to be converted. If you have to do a lot of this stuff you might find that SketchUp Pro is a better option for your use.

Photo below is where the stuff is before it’s inserted. Just need to get there without the convoluted insert process via the main menu. From what I can tell it’s a flyout, I hit the return arrow on the left …it goes away seemingly unless I start over.

Can’t afford or justify Pro for what I’m doing…yet. I understand that would be easier in a lot of ways. Several weeks in with the Shop version & I’m still tryingn to justify what was spent on it.

Thanks for your patience.

So you haven’t actually added the files to your model yet. You’ve just uploaded them to your Trimble Connect cloud storage. At this point you can select the file you want to inert into your model and then the button on the right side.

Understood. There’s two steps: import to that list then insert from that list.

I’ve only been able to access the dialog in my screen grab one way thus far by choosing “View Imports” in the green box after waiting for my upload to process. How do I get here from the GUI?

I’ve actually almost got all the layers in by re-re-importing at this point…so now there’s several instances of each layer to now clean out.

Click on Open in the main menu and then Imports/Exports to add your DXF file to the current model.

Thank you. “Click on Open” was all I needed.

I’ve not been there as thus far what I’m working on is always quick linked.

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