Importing a dxf file as something else than a component

I am trying to import a dxf file from this measuring tool I have. It only gives me the option to import the file as a component, which means I can’t continue to work with it. Any suggestions

Why can’t you continue to work on it after it’s imported? You should be able to open the component for editing like you would open any other component to make changes.

What version of SketchUp are you really using? Your profile isn’t complete.

General advice is always to import into a new file. If it is then a group or component, you can explode it if you want and so get back to raw geometry.

Thanks for the hint I will try it… I naively thought that it would show up looking like a sketchup file that I could just continue with it as such.

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Well, it should. Problem is, it might show up looking like a very poor SU file. That’s why it may need editing before inserting it into a work file.

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