Open a DWG file type in SketchUp Make 2017

I am attempting to open a DWG file type in SketchUp Make 2017. Upon importing the file it looks like it ignored the 3D data. Is there a plug-in that can resolve this problem?

.dwg import is not available in SketchUp 2017 Make. That requires SketchUp Pro. Maybe you are using the pro trial of SketchUp 2017? There are some CAD entity types that SketchUp won’t import.

I was hoping there was a plug-in that would save me! Thank you for your reply.

Get SketchUp Pro and you can import .dwg, .dxf, and other file types.

If you are just using SketchUp for your hobby and you need one .dwg import, you could possibly hire someone who has the pro license to do it.