How do I open a *.dwg file?


I have some *.dwg files which I cannot open in make version. Is that just so, or are there other ways.


Generally, when a DWG file is required to be imported into SketchUp it is for commercial reasons, which in turn requires a Pro licence, which in turn would be able to import a DWG file.

Having said this, there are importers that have been written to facilitate the import of various formats into the Make version.


Thanks for answer.

My situation is that I, in the past did some drawing in Autocad, but cannot any longer afford the pro versions after I retired and only do som woodworking as a hobby (and sometimes want to see some older solutions I made). So if you can give a suggestion it would be super.

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Then take a look at Draftsight, there is a free 2D version available, reads
DWG’s perfectly.


There are also plain viewers:

and it’s talk page: