Only a fraction of textures export

MC donal.skp (3.3 MB)

This file (originated from 3D warehouse) will only export a few of it’s used textures from the in-model list. I am trying to export it as a COLLADA to the game for a personal map.

Sketchup Version: Make (desktop) 2017

I get 14 materials when I do the export. The remaining in model materials may be flat colors, that just end up as part of the XML. The model looks correct.

How many materials are in the exported folder for you?

I also get 14. I think you are right with the rest being flat colors, but whenever I import the object to (runs with Torque3D engine) those flat materials do not show up. I’m thinking Sketchup would have to export the flat color images as well for the engine to recognize them.

I was going to tell you a solution to this, but checked in the forum first to see if there was a better way. But, TIG said what I was going to say:

I did a test where I made the yellow color in one stripe be a unique texture then filled the other stripes with the same texture, and exported again. Now I get 15 materials, and I expect the yellow stripes will show up in

Here’s my skp and exported Collada files. (2.2 MB)

many engines do not recognise flat colours.

if you paint squares with those colours and use ‘make texture unique’ sized at 64px, they will export as textures with # on the name…

remove the hash symbol from the resultant filename and the engine ‘should’ use the image file…


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I placed the five most used flat textures on a tiny cube in the interior of the model and made all of them “unique textures” and set them to 64 pixels. The textures exported to successfully. Thanks for the tip.