One Particular Dimension not to Scale

I am dimensioning a model of a handrail in Layout. I have created a series of dimensions. They all dimension to scale except for one particular one. I have tried creating a vertical scratch line to mimic the height but this not dimension to scale either. See enclosed example. Why does this one particular dimension refuse to dimension to scale? (It will only dimension to the paper size).


Looks to me like the dimension isn’t attached to the model. Are the red lines drawn in LO or in SketchUp?Can you share the LO file?

That was it. It was dimensioning to some guidelines I created in LO. I erased them and was able to dimension to the model.
Thanks for your help!

Good deal.

FWIW, you could have created the guides as a Scaled Drawing and the dimension would have been correct or, if you’d given the guides a separate layer and turned it off, you could have dimensioned to the model and then turned the layer back on.

That is great suggestion - scaled guide. I did have the guides on a separate layer for visibility but thought it would not isolate the objects like in SU. That’s a good one to know!
Thanks again!