On the off chance

Not sure if this is allowed, but I’m desperate so giving it a shot…
Does anyone by chance use the Home Designer Suite Chief Architect Premier software? I have a client who bought the basic version, modeled his entire house in 3D only to find he can’t export the files in 3d to .skp for me to use. His version only allows export of floor plans in 2d. I was hoping someone could convert it for me?

fingers and toes crossed…

This article seems to suggest you can export to a 3D DWG and you can then import that into SU (I’ve often done it with 2D DWG very successfully but never a 3D one, so can’t say how well it works.)

He contacted their own technical support and they confirmed that the only way to export into 3D was to buy the professional version, hence my cheeky request. I don’t think he realized the limitations when he bought the ‘home’ version, and he had never heard of SU which would have been much better all round!

…basically he has tried various exports, and the .dxf file is all lines with no 3D data - just a 2D perspective turned into a flat line drawing ie USELESS!
I use AutoCAD also and that doesn’t help either

Well yes, that is pretty cheeky I guess.

How long would it take you to recreate whatever is missing from the 2D plans? Do you need a 3D model? Depends what you plan to do in SU I guess.

I need at the very minimum elevations, and ideally a 3d model I can add my proposed scheme to. We were hoping that I didn’t need to survey the property as he has already done so much work himself, so with only 2D plans it’s pretty much looking like I need to do a measured survey.

Can’t he export 2D elevations for you? With those and 2D plans, it doesn’t leave that much more to do.

Do the Chief Architect folks host a forum? You’re more likely to find a user of their Pro version to hire there than here.

I’ve seen the forum, but I’m not a member and I also know how accommodating this one is! There have been posts on there with exactly the same problem, but no one asked for an export as a favour. I will suggest it to the client as I wont understand the terms used.

No its a rubbish version that only allows exports of the floor plans- what’s the point of a half job!