Exporting a model

I modified a model which I brought in from the 3D Warehouse (I changed a couple of the finishes) and I saved the new model and also exported it as a 3D model. When I tried to import it to Chief Architect (X-11, not all of the new finishes were brought over (oven door should be black instead of stainless and handles should be in brass instead of stainless). I’ve attached both files.

Bluestar 48 Inch Platinum Series Range-Black.dae (1.0 MB) Bluestar 48 Inch Platinum Series Range-Black.skp (706.5 KB)

Can you share the Chief Architect file?


    Here's my Chief file, it brought over the

Brass handles but not the black doors. Everything was stainless
in the original model.


Range-Bluestar 48in Platinum Series.zip (178 Bytes)