Customer Client Question? 3D Home Architecture Deluxe

A potential customer wants to know if I can use 3D Home Architecture Deluxe?

Is anyone familiar with this product?

What format and can they be converted?

It appears to be an older product.
Thank you,

Why would they want you to use that software? Don’t you use SketchUp Pro now?

It apparently is. It doesn’t seem to show up in Broderbund’s current line up. A search my find you some online help files that would give you import and export file types it can work with.

Apparently they’ve been using this for many years. Couldn’t even find much about it. Looks like proprietary software?

I’d rather redraw everything in Sketchup.

Will see what were talking about when they send me the file.

Good luck. You may be on the right track with redrawing it in SketchUp. I rarely ever use what someone else sends me for anything other than reference. I’d rather redo it on my own and make sure it’s right.

BTW, what version of SketchUp? Your profile is missing that info.

Ya agreed. I’m still using SU17 and have until november to get 2020 as upgrade.