On mac, trackpad is much too fast when I zoom in and out


Hello, since I use mac os “Sierra” my trackpad is now much too fast when I use two fingers to zoom in and out. While moving tools is normal with a single finger.
It was not the case before with Mac os ElCapitan.

When I use the mouse wheel everything is normal

But as I installed Sierra and the update of Sketchup 17.1.173 at the same time.
I do not know who is responsible.
Have you encountered this problem?


Start with Apple’s options.

See… >Apple Icon >System Preferences >Trackpad settings… and look for options that deal with the trackpads speed.


I don’t think it’s a problem,but let me explain.
When you try to zoom in or out,of moderately big model,you may get out of your model really quickly.And I think it’s because you zoom in without having a line or a point selected from wich you zoom.When your selection tool,or crusor is currently indicating empty space,and you try to zoom in,you will experience the same problem you’ve been having.But if you put your crusor on a line(for example) an try to zoom in from there,I doubt you will have any problems.
Hope that helps.


Thank you for your answers.

I already check the preferences of the trackpad. There is only one speed setting. And it’s fine with only one finger.
I usually place my tools on the faces or lines on which I zoom.
What I mean is that previously the speed of the zoom allowed me to go quickly to the right place. Now 1cm on the trackpad gives a displacement of 100m in sketchup !!!. And I draw furniture :slight_smile: While my cursor is well on the point I want to reach!
So I’m always too far or too close or too beyond. And it’s hard to reach the right place.
And all was well before, for 10 years I use sketchup :slight_smile:

With the mouse wheel I do not have this problem, the operation is compliant


You might want to comment on your full computer specs. so the whole story is put together for the SketchUp Team.

You’ve mentioned OS X Sierra (of course), But then what generation of hardware is that OS installed on. . . If it’s running on a MacBook which predates the retina screen. as well as the haptic trackpads on the latest models… then there might be some issues with how backward compatible the trackpad drivers are.

And/Or, at the same time, I think Su 2017 had some work done which focused on increased compatibility for high resolution monitors. and maybe there’s a chance where that contributes towards the zoom speed issues which you’ve pointed out.

So far this is the first thread I’ve read which mentioned this issue. which isn’t necessarily bad or good at this point.


Here is a copy paste of my computer material specifications

Nom du modèle : MacBook Pro
Identifiant du modèle : MacBookPro11,1
Nom du processeur : Intel Core i7
Vitesse du processeur : 3 GHz
Nombre de processeurs : 1
Nombre total de cœurs : 2
Cache de niveau 2 (par cœur) : 256 Ko
Cache de niveau 3 : 4 Mo
Mémoire : 16 Go
Version de la ROM de démarrage : MBP111.0138.B17
Version SMC (système) : 2.16f68

Retina : yes
Haptic trackpads : no

Thanks again


Ho! I just installed sierra 10.12.1, and the use of the trackpad has become usual again :slight_smile:

Sorry for the inconvenience :confused:


That’s a nice outcome… and also not an inconvenience either, as it might be helpful info for someone else one day.