Old Layout file crashing, new are ok

New layout file works, Old files crash within moments of opening or when I interact with items.
I was working on old file all week then it just happened. no bug splat either.
Any help?

Typically when you get crashes without Bug Splats, they are graphics related. Your profile indicates you have an Intel graphics card. Microsoft is known to push bad or broken drivers for integrated Intel graphics cards. Try updating the drivers directly from Intel. Don’t ask Windows to tell you whether or not the drivers are up to date. Just get the most recent drivers from Intel and install them.

FWIW, integrated Intel graphics are not recommended for use with SketchUp and LayOut.

Another thing to look at is the use of components in your SketchUp model. Did you get components from the 3D Warehouse? It could be that one or more of them has some issues that couple with the graphics drivers causes problems. There was a recent report of an issue with LayOut crashing. In that case, they user discovered a bad component in the associated SketchUp model.