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Just getting back into Sketch Up from a short period of usage long ago. It gave me all of my white hair. I’ll probably have a question or 2 or 3 or 4,000! Usually I try and brows down through info and posts before I bother with posts. It is my way of learning.

But, one quick question someone might have an answer for would be “How can I easily input EXACT measurements for something like a plank of wood, say a 2” X 12" X 8 ft? I scrounged through the menus and found nothing along those lines. I still have some videos to go through also, but, I want to practice with that function if it is available. Licensed as non-commercial, trial period, 2016 version.

Take a look at Master SketchUp on YouTube, maybe here in particular.

Model a Shed (Part 1) - Floor Framing


Good evening JayGee, here are typed instructions for inputting the exact measurements of an item like a plank of wood.

First draw a rectangle with the Rectangle tool or the Line tool. To use the Rectangle tool, set the first point of the rectangle, type in 2 of your dimensions separated by a comma into the Measurement window, and then hit enter. Or draw the four lines with the Line tool by setting your first point, use the axis to guide your first side, input the length of the first side, hit enter, and then repeat these steps to complete the rectangle. Now use the Push / Pull tool to select the face of your rectangle, extend it in the direction that you want, input the measurement, and hit enter. Now you should have the plank of wood, Hope this helps!

Get your Quick Reference Cards:

Using the Measurements box is explained in the first few sections of this User Guide chapter:
Drawing Lines, Shapes, and 3D Objects

Thanks for the link!
I’ll check it out.

Thanks for the tip and the link!
I’ll download that on my Mac!

Thanks for the detailed steps! Much later, after browsing many posts, I read one about using the ruler and typing in
the desired dimension, however, I found that that does NOT make the graphic pop up to that dimension. It is a
very strange program.
I did finally get into it and got my dimensions I wanted.
I find this graphics program very frustrating - at the bottom end of those I’ve every used.
BUT, hey, it is free for personal use and I’ll somehow hack it! :slight_smile:
I went over to Amazon and ordered a “Dummies” book and one on woodworking.

Thanks, again!