Help with measurements in SketchUp Make 2016

I have installed sketchup make 2016 on my sons laptop running windows 7 home premium 64bit. When using the rectangle tool to draw a square and entering exact dimensions ie 3000mm x 3000mm, then hit enter only one dimension remains at 3000mm the second dimension changes so that the shape is more of a rectangle than a square.

Any suggestions?

Try using lines instead of the rectangle tool.

You don’t need to resort to the Line tool. The Rectangle tool will work just fine. Look at the syntax of the dimensions when you are dragging out the rectangle. Type the same thing,. i.e. 3000,3000 or 3000;3000 depending on what you use for a decimal separator.

thank you! this works. is there any way to change it that we don’t have to type in the ,0 after each measurement ie just type 3000mm and not 3000,0mm?

You don’t have to enter anything after the decimal. If the dimension you’re entering is 3000, just type 3000.

What units are you using? Look in Window>Model Info>Units. If you want to work in millimeters, set the units to millimeters. If you don’t want to see dimensions any more precise than to the nearest millimeter, set the Precision accordingly.

Problem sorted! many thanks

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