Need help with tools

How do I get a exact measurement as I’m building every time I want to just get 30 ft it goes over like 30 3/4 or 3/8 what not same with width I want to do 30ft by 8 1/2 ft can someone please help thanks.

You can type measurements in as you go. Start to draw a rectangle, let go of the mouse and type 30’,8’6" and Hit enter. You’ll have a rectangle 30 foot by 8 and a half foot exactly. This works with all tools.

Thank I’ll try that and see how that works

Also, if you make a mistake and notice it immediately (before clicking to start a new entity or selecting a different tool) you can type and correct the erroneous value.

I enter the exacted measurements just like you did 30’,8’6" and it doesn’t show I hear it ding that’s it

Try typing 30’;8’6. Depending on the localization for your keyboard, you may need to use a semi-colon instead of a comma. If that’s the case, you’ll use a comma instead of a period for decimal dimensions.

think it didn’t work because I hit enter in of clicking on screen with mouse I did semi-colon so works thanks

You should hit enter after typing the numbers. But don’t try clicking in the Measurements window before typing. If the window is available for input from you, the background will be white.

I would have thought it would be unusual for semi colon to work with imperial units.
Generally speaking the regional settings that require a semicolon are metric countries.

Here is a gif showing how to do it.
There are many ways but for this example.
Left click and release to start the rectangle, left click and release to finish the rectangle, then without clicking anything else type the dimensions you want, so in this case 30’,8’6" and hit enter.
As mentioned if you have a different regional setting replace the comma with a semicolon.

FWIW, you could just type 8’6 and omit the ". :wink:

Indeed Dave which is why i said there are many ways as 8’1/2 would work too, as long as you are set to the correct units.
You could even type 30,2451.1mm and get the correct result.

I did it separate I did one line across the typed in 30’ worked for that then brought it out for rectangle then typed in 8’6 but it didn’t do 8 1/2 it did 8’ 4 1/2 did I type in the 8’6 wrong