OK, what's wrong?missing?


OK, trying to design a better case for the RunCam2 … Something you can actual get the camera in and out of without having to remove the hole case from the quadcopter/RC item…

anyway… did this model, want to test print so I can edit where needed… but overtime I export out as STL and go to import to the printer I get these bad files… :confused: uploaded original SKP file… not asking for someone to fix… would like to know what I did wrong/ what I missed/ how to fix… thanks…

RunCam2 Case.skp (1.1 MB)


have you tried:
deleting the guides…
Model Info >> Purge to get rid of the 20+ components in the file…
making it a group so that SU ‘Model Info’ tells you it’s a solid…



I deleted all the unneeded guidelines and made a component. It came up “solid” and then I used the exporter to i.materialise to see what it would do. It uploaded and showed correctly.


so guides can screw with it? I did hide them… hmmm Made a “component”? does that basically just tell Sketchup it’s one item?


I don’t know if guides would “screw with it” but they create a lot of clutter in the view. Once they’ve served their purpose, delete them. Hiding them is sloppy work.

Before you can print the model you need to have it solid. It must be a group or a component to even have a chance of being considered “solid”. I made it a component because I have a keyboard shortcut for that (and for other reasons that aren’t important to this discussion) but a group would work, too.


as Dave said…


cool… making a component worked… :slightly_smiling:
hey is there a fast way to delete all the guides at once? Looked in the “model Info” John stated but didn’t see a purge anywhere… :confused: am I looking in the wrong place? clicking all the guides one by one is rather tedious… reason I just hit hide :stuck_out_tongue:

hey thanks big time guys!!!


Look around the rest of the menus. Edit>Delete Guides.

I use it often enough I set up a keyboard shortcut for it.



ya just found it watching your video!! awesome… i was looking under the “model info” pop up window helps to look in the correct place I guess… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Doh… thanks John, that looks cool… _

(now I just have to remember all this :wink: )


What video are you referring to?


You should also use a different Template, the 3d Printing one is a bit of a waste of time…
it adds a lot of extra items you never need…



the first one John did… saw the “as Dave said” and had a MESS of windows open and overlapping, and going in-between them :wink: confusion… 1/2 reading … :slight_smile:


It’s worth pointing out that your model is actually quite clean. As pointed out you only need to wrap it to make it a solid.
It would be a good idea to open a blank model and purge it. Then save it as q template. You appear to have 20 random copies of the pointless 3D printers component saved in your template.


I see. Your reply was addressed to me so I thought you were talking about one of my videos.


I deleted everything and re-saved as a template… is there hidden or background ■■■■ I’m missing? should be a base blank nothing other than the XYZ lines…?


I thought I had Box… I’ll do it again with the purge… thanks!


hey, while I have all your attentions… 2 other questions…

1… is there a way to save my green/red faces? the gray/blue and white gets confusing as the gray looks the same as some shadows …_ (guessing if I do the purge and re-save template I can set the faces colors before I save and it’ll start up that way from now on?)_

Also… seems I have to draw a square, then pull out a box before i can draw lines and such and push pull… I kinda prefer to have it flat plane… draw all my lines out then just pull up faces to create the 3d… issue is it becomes a hollow and there is no bottom… that make sense?


In the original skp file, there’s also some hidden geometry. Better check for those as well before printing. (edit: from the menu choose view-hidden geometry just in case)