Offsets not aligning

This is getting a little tedious! SU2021 is just not like the previous version insofar as drawing accurately! Push pull does not work properly - pushing a new area sometimes does not erase one or two sides of say a rectangle, dragging a guide does not stick to the red, blue or green axis often, new lines do not tie in with previously set up groups. I used to like it when new lines actually joined previous lines EXACTLY, now its just a hit and miss with line overlapping, lines that represent two blocks or groups don’t line up. Then try to dimension all these inaccurate and double lines is just another nightmare.

I hope I am describing this properly. This is just very frustrating. And yes, I have unchecked length snapping. I am drawing the simplest of little structures and nothing lines up, have to draw things twice or more, guidelines dont offset properly.

Oh, did i mention the high amount of clipping with this new version. No more zooming in close. Now one has to change camera perspective to parallel project every time or vice versa.

Can you upload the problem model?
There is no change in how accurate the software is. It’s as good as ever before at precision, so the issues you’re describing probably lie in something else. Perhaps a setting or a drawing method.

Clipping usually happens if you have geometry very far from the origin, at an unrealistic scales, or when you are modeling in parallel projection.