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Hi, me again. I’m coming from Rhino, and have a certain workflow that I’m trying to emulate here in Sketchup (though I know I can’t truly do that.)

One of my main workflows in Rhino for both 2D/3D is:

*draw a line (not connected to any face)

  • RHINO tool for “Offset”

  • Choose option for it to close/cap (can be flat or curved)

  • Result: A closed Rectangle (often a profile for some extrusion, or just walls in Plan view)

Is there any plugin for that?

Can you show an example of what you are trying to start with and what you want to end up with?

Here’s a link to a screen capture vid I took:
Offset & Cap in Rhino

Note how the line offsets as a CLOSED piece of 2D geometry. (Additionally, it can be extruded if need be)

You could sort of do it with TIG’s Extrude Tools which are available from Sketchucation. It doesn’t quite manage the ends as in your video, though. I’m not aware of any other tools but there may be.


Thx, yeah it’s that capping feature that I really want. Is there a way to ask some brave soul to create the plugin?

I was thinking there had to be something out there already. Then I remember an ancient old extension that would get closer to what you want. It’s called Double Line and can put the end caps on if you wish.

There’s a UI that comes up when you hit Tab. It’ll let you set the distance between the double lines and specify if the thing is automatically made 3D.

Boom. Checking it out, thank you!

A bit clunky, but I’m going to work with it and see if it becomes a fluid workflow after practicing for a while with it, thanks!

Here is Profile builder 2 version:

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Oh, well even though it’s a different type of tool, that seems really good. Can you also choose to offset to left or right?

and OUCH. $60

left,right,offset etc…

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What will it save ya?

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