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New to the Forum. Hello and hope all is well and staying safe. This pertains to using layout for a floor plan which I typically do in AutoCad or Chief Architect Premier. Thought I would try a simple house plan. Perimeter walls of a simple house, 1/4" scale. I’m trying to offset the perimeter 4". However the offset tool doesn’t appear to be working unless I un-group the perimeter. However I loose the 1/4" scale. Any advice would be appreciated. Is it doable?Thank you.

Just as in SketchUp, to do anything to stuff inside a group, you need to open the group for editing. If you open the group instead of ungroup, you’ll maintain the scale.

Thanks Dave…I Should have know that…DOE!

Stay Safe,

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Hey Dave, I tried what you had suggested, however, right clicking on the perimeter to bring up the contextual menu, there is no option to Edit Group, Only un-group. IS it hidden somewhere else?
Thanks…I attached a snap shot of the menu below, not sure if you can see it or not.

Did you try double clicking on it? That’s the way I always do it. That’s the way I always get into Edit mode for groups and components in SketchUp, too.

I see though that there is no Edit Group context menu item in LO.

Got it, But on with a Triple click, but what a pain, it keeps jumping out of scale if not done just right.

Why triple click? As in SketchUp, triple clicking opened the group for editing AND select the entities inside.

Er, this may be a dumb question but why not use Sketchup instead of Layout? I know you have the additional job of Sending to Layout and you create two files, but drawing in SU is just so much easier - even in 2D (for me, anyway).


No clue, I tried in both Sketchup and Layout, triple clicked and it worked, now double clicking is working…no clue Dave. Using SketchUp since it came out and never had these issues…

I’d blame the mouse. Maybe it needs a good cleaning or at least a stern talking to. :wink:

Actually it a brand new Razor…works fine in AutoCad, Inventor, Chief Architect…who know, so long as it’s (offset) is working

And a Razor Ballistic Ultimate to boot…

I don’t understand the double or triple clicking bit. In SU, if you draw a rectangle (say) it will form a face. If you delete the face and then triple click on a line, it will selct all the conjoined lines. Then you can use the offset to create your offset line around/within the perimeter you drew.

Of course if you don’t delete the face, you can achieve the same thing by just selecting the face first, although you may have a face that you then want to delete.

Simon, he’s made a Scaled Drawing in LayOut so it’s automatically grouped. To use Offset on the lines you have to open the group for editing first. That’s done by double clicking on the group.

That’s how I checked, rectangle , deleted face etc.just s you describe, I know triple clicking selects all. so I don’t know. I never use Layout for doing any drawing so it’s new to me, not layout just drawing in it. Figured
I’d give it a try. Typically if I’m using SU, I do all my work in SU then bring it over to LO for dimensioning etc.

Correct about the auto grouping in layout, I tried this way also but I was losing the scaling. After offsetting I was able to re-scale, but that could become a pain.

Oh well, movin on, Thanks Dave for all your input.

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Thanks Dave and Simon

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