Offset and deselecting area

Hi Folks, I am doing a 3d model and I’m using offset to reduce each layer and the the push/pull function once i have resized with offset. The problem is the new smaller offset layer isn’t deselecting from the previous layer, preventing me for using the push/pull function on the new sized layer? If that makes sense!!


Could you clarify which version you are using. Your Profile says Sketchup Free (web) and 2017. This isn’t possible.
Sketchup Make 2017 is possible which is the last free desktop version and how to help is quite different on each.

As to your issue we would at least need to see an image of what you are doing or the model.

yes Im using the older 2017 desktop

trying to create a layered image of a side view of a skull

As you offset a complex shape it can get strange edges/overlaps that can make it fail to break the face.
Often selecting all of it and using Intersect Faces With Selection will fix it, other times you need to find the errant edges. With experience you come to know a variety of ways of correcting this idiosyncratic annoyance.
If you attach the model I could probably spot it quickly.

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Thanks For this, image attached already. You can see from the image my offset line, but i selects the whole top layer when i try and use push/pull.

Model I said, not Image.

I dont have a model

The Sketchup file from which you took the screenshot.

Whats the appropriate way to share a model once its uploaded to 3d warehouse? Do i copy and paste the link from 3d viewer just?

I’m sorry I should have explained better.
In SU go File/Save and give it a name if you haven’t already done that.
Then, assuming the file size isn’t too big, just drag and drop the .skp file straight into the reply window or do it the same way you did the image.
The link above takes me to the viewer and yes I can view it but I can’t do anything with it.

It’s ok i got it from the warehouse.

I think you might have been getting a bit confused by groups, it seemed some edges were in groups and others not and you had a couple of edges intersecting with the offset at two points.
I took your original outline, checked the measurements you had used and rebuilt it. Normally I would just double click the offset for each level but because of the shape it works better if you type the size on a few of the levels because they tend to overlap.
Here’s the model.
I’m happy to explain further if you want or make a gif.
Skull DesignBox.skp (1.8 MB)

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Thanks fella, really appreciate it. Do you go by the name Box on here?