Odd Scrapbook Arrow Behaviour?


I’m having an issue where my scrap book arrows are duplicating themselves at 90 degrees when exporting to a PDF?

The layout file looks fine but the PDF has the weird arrow issue - Pic attached!


I tried adding a bunch of those scrapbook arrows to a page and exporting a PDF. I couldn’t duplicate that behavior. Can you share the LO file so we can test to see if it happens on a different computer?

Is there a difference when exporting with Raster rendering vs. Hybrid/Vector? Note that the latest version of LayOut adds an override feature for Raster viewports that is on by default for older files. Unless you untick it in Document Setup, viewports are exported as Hybrid.
I understand the Scrapbook item is an embedded SketchUp model. I wonder if it contains several iterations of the arrow, with only one visible and others hidden.

Very good thought. I had a look at the SketchUp model. There are four versions of the arrow, three of which are hidden for a scene. The four different scenes are then used as the viewports on the scrapbook page. I set face style to Monochrome for the screenshot.

It would be better if tags were used to control the visibility of each arrow. This SketchUp file for those arrows is from SketchUp 5. I expect it’s time for an update. It wouldn’t be difficult for the user to do but they should probably be fixed for all users. I wonder if this is something @adam could look into.


It happens for me in different versions of layout (2022 and 2023)

I’ve attached a file for you to have a look at. It is happening in quite a lot of different files as well that have that arrow in there…

Also attached is the PDF that then has the arrow problem.

arrow file.layout (15.5 MB)
test.pdf (598.2 KB)

Thanks again for the help!

Hi sprucemedia (and Dave and Anssi).
Great find and reminder of the importance of updating these scrapbooks as the software matures.

FYI, it looks like this issue shows up with older files but if I drag and drop a new arrow in and change it Hybrid I do not see the same thing happen.

I have captured this issue to update these scrapbooks.


To Anssi’s point @sprucemedia, I did verify that if I disable the Output Override, that I do not see the issue with your file.

FileDocument SetupRendering and disable the Output Override


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