Odd results from Subtract

I have a 1/16" thin group which I use to cut a gap in a bigger group. At times nothing is cut but a bigger group is created including the cutting object. Somestimes it cuts but removes one of the remaining parts of the object. Both objects are solids of course.

Nothing to do here besides guess (unless you are willing to share the actual SketchUp model). My best guess would be that you are scaled down too small and geometry is being discarded rather than just cut.

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Translation: upload your .skp file here if you want a definitive answer.

Best guess: tiny face issue, scale everything up by 100 or 1000 and try again.

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both of those objects look like they are just faces and solid tools won’t work for those - if they are actually solids, then they are likely so thin that the faces/egdes the operation needs to work are too small.

You are modelling thin sheet material. Is there a reason you have to model the thickness?

The cutting tool is 1/16" thick and the bigger object is 0.04 thick.

That’ll be why.

Scale the whole thing up x100 - run the operation and then scale it back again if it works

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Too small, scale up. Research the “Dave Method” here on the forum.

How are you going to use this model?