Objects not appearing in Google Earth preview


We have created a simple drawing of a future sidewalk and utility easement that is to be part of a street improvement. The problem is that when we press the ‘Preview Model in Google Earth’ button, the Google Earth map appears with a new element text entry in the ‘My Places’ navigation pane at the left, but the model does not show on the map!

Here is some additional information:

FIRST, the simple 2-D drawing was created with several elongated rectangles and a texture fill. The Push/Pull tool was not used to give the object a third dimension perspective.

SECOND, if we use the Push/Pull tool to give the objects some height, and update the preview, the objects seem to appear in Google Earth.

THIRD, for our purposes, we really only need a 2-D rendition showing the placement of the sidewalk and planters as if they were glued flat to the existing surface. Is this not possible?

FOURTH, the tools for snapping the SketchUp objects onto exact points on the Google Location Map are too large. The tool often obscures the area where we need to anchor key points. As such, we have to guess where the node might be anchored to the map when clicking. Is there a way to be more exacting when anchoring nodes to the underlying Google Location Map?

Thank you for any assistance.


My guess is the 2D geometry in the SketchUp model is below the surface in GE.
Try moving the geometry up in the model and then view the model again in GE

If you’ll export a .kmz file from SketchUp and attach it to your next post, we’ll have a look.
File > Export > 3D Model > Export type: Google Earth File (*.kmz)


Hello Geo, thank you for the quick reply. I have been gone, so apologize for my own delay.

Thank you for a brilliant suggestion - as novices, we keep forgetting this is a 3-D development world. Unfortunately, elevating the 2-D object even higher above the Geo location layer in Sketchup still does not seem to make it visible in Google Earth. I guess that raises the question whether or not the model position needs to be relative to the Geo location, imported into Sketchup, or to the origin acting as sea-level, or is simply not related?

We question that our elevation edits even actually had much bearing, since simply giving the model (rectangles) a 3rd dimension seems to resolve the issue (allows them to display even in their original position). Nevertheless, it is odd that the 2-D model will display in Sketchup, but not in Google Earth.

Please see the attached .KMZ as you suggested below. We have also included the Sketchup File below. These are simple test files being used to test the capabilities of Sketchup.

.Road Improvements.kmz (26.2 KB)

P.S. Sorry, new users can only include one attachment per post. If you need the Sketchup file, please tell us how we can upload a second file.


You might upload it to the 3D Warehouse and post the link in you next reply.


Upon opening the KMZ in Google Earth the model appears as expected.
Albeit, it’s hovering well above the ground.


Here’s a geo-located model and a KMZ export from same.
Have a look at these. How do they differ from what you’re doing?

Geo-locate Test.skp (740.5 KB)

Steve Visits Lake Geneva.kmz (23.8 KB)


Hello Geo,

I’ve been tied up for an extended period. However, wanted to get back to you and express my gratitude to you for testing our file. You obviously were observing something different than we were. We appreciate the feedback, it confirms what we should be seeing. Thank you so much.